Nature’s luxuriant largesse, thoughtfully harvested with loving care by young virgin boys, who set out at dawn on dewy summer mornings, clad in natural fibers from happy sheep and other random farm animals, in search of the most wonderful bounty from properly pH balanced fields, lovely lowlands and rigorously, respectfully sought mountain valleys. The moist, mantra-praised soil yields munificently its tasty gifts and YOU get to eat a salad. Pretty COOL, huh? The boys then go home and post pics of pea sprouts, cukes, heirloom tomatoes, soybeans, corn salsa, organic rainbow carrots & fresh mixed greens on Instagram. Served with house-made focaccia bread and our special “balsamic vinaigrette” dip. Actually, it comes from a pond out back so we ‘re not really sure what’s in it. As far as we know, we haven’t killed anybody (yet)

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